haters gonna carry on and christmas

Welcome to the end of my week of celebrating a crap mood. It went something like this…when I’m driving I hate pedestrians, when I’m walking I hate drivers and when I’m riding my… Continue reading

Hot-shot Harry, a regal Hunk…

Last week I suffered from a terrible tummy bug. It was a nightmare – the nausea was excruciating. Why am I telling you this? Because everybody knows that the best cure for nausea… Continue reading

…not your average Jon – Hola! Humpday Hunk.

    Jon Kortajarena I have tried for so long to keep these posts from becoming a foundation-less perve page and an objectification of attractive males. However, through the popularity of last week’s… Continue reading

Ben, a long time coming…Dahlhaus is a gift from the gods: Happy Hunkday

It has been a while since we hunked, so today I thought I would make up for it by bringing you a hunk of holy proportions. Come on in to our humble humpday…… Continue reading

Humpday Hunk: RDJ, Hollywood Hunk(b)rat

        Robert Downey Jr   Hollywood bad boy, Robert Downey Jr has been melting hearts and melting down since the 80s… He has a shady past and a reputation for… Continue reading

Farewell to the world’s stupidest bottom burp

  I could never eat while watching the Young Ones. Something about their grotty house, or perhaps their potty mouths – the constant talk of bottoms and old lentils – turned me off… Continue reading

Stop, drop and (un)control

    I was at the supermarket the other day watching my items run away from me on the conveyor belt. One by one I put my four items down and one by… Continue reading

Humpday Hunk: The godfather of Hunk

Marlon Brando   Not really much to say about this guy, a thespian Thor, his body of work speaks for itself; and what a mammoth body it was – Brando was huge… and… Continue reading

And that is how I take my coffee ( a true story)

Attraction is a funny thing.     There’s no control switch when you’re attracted to someone. You find yourself doing odd things that you can’t explain. You will try to justify said things… Continue reading

Quite Franco-ly age isn’t an issue… Humpday Hunk aka Thirsty Thursday.

      James Franco.   Poor James Franco is caught up in a bit of controversy at the moment. The super-social media active celeb has been twisting some IRL societal faux pas… Continue reading

Humpday Hunk – Goodness Grace-ious, what beauty.

Jeff Buckley. So, ‘hunk’ may seem a totally inappropriate way to describe this angelic artist, but you see the Humpday Hunk is not just about sexy six-packs and button-popping chests, it is more… Continue reading

Face the strain.

I was in a city *alley  with one of my best mates last night, we were squatting on a stoop, leaning up against a bin at the back of a chinese restaurant, having a… Continue reading

Hunkday, Macht Daddy Yo.

Gabriel Macht To celebrate the return of Suits, this week’s Humpday Hunk is none other than New York spunk with the smile to die for, G.Macht! Mr Macht was born in the Bronx,… Continue reading

Le Humpday Hunk – Alain Delon

Alain Delon French-born fifties film star, Alain Delon, was a rebel without a pause. After being expelled from several boarding schools he joined the military, and in his four years of service, Delon… Continue reading

The Inaugural Humpday Hunk.

The first of a Wednesday special Hunkfest. I will be posting a Humpday hunk – from the freshest to the classics – every Wednesday. Young Bruce Springsteen They don’t call him the Boss… Continue reading