thou shalt not covet anymore threads.

My first mission, is kind of an ongoing project, but it will begin today.

I buy clothes.

I buy a lot of clothes.

I buy and return, I buy and wear, I buy and forget, I buy and give away.

I see something, I want it, I buy it.

It makes me feel good …because that piece of clothing I covet is beautiful, or is the perfect addition to a particular style I’m enveloping, or is just so exquisitely decadent, that owning it makes me feel high-societal.

I am not a fashion victim. I have never followed trends. I do not buy because new trends arise that I have to be part of. I am simply a fan.

I buy clothes the way I do most things in my life: I see something I am attracted to, not being  entirely sure where it would fit into my life, I decide that  I need it. I don’t want anyone else to have it.  I love it. It’s perfect. It’s coming with me.

So, with one simple transaction,  I own it.

Occasionally I wear the piece more than once, rarely I do. I am simply satisfied that I own it. That beautiful thing that can help me express myself, it belongs to me. I take it into my home. I introduce it to all the other ‘lovers’ in my wardrobe, and leave it to make friends, while I move onto to my next prey.

I am a greedy clothes-napper!

No more.

For one, I can no longer afford my habit… now that I am a student and an adult, I have more important expenses looming, like surviving.

Secondly, I am running out of room to store all of my beauties,

and thirdly…

It is time to exercise my will!

mission: do not purchase any clothing for one month

The first thing I will do, today, is return the two-hundreth black shirt i have bought this year! The shirt that has been sitting in its own bag for a week, tags on, untouched, unworn. That shirt that I bought just incase I wanted to wear those pants I bought a while ago, that I haven’t worn because they don’t really sit well with any of the shoes I own…

a common story…

In all honesty, I haven’t been so bad in recent years. In fact, after reading an interview with one of my idols, Vivienne Westwood <Royal Lady of Punk> a little while back, I made a decision never to buy clothes off the rack again. I would only buy recycled clothing and samples.

Vivienne has an inspiring outlook on the way the fashion industry is majorly contributing to landfill and the ecological crisis of our generation. It is true. This throwaway society that we are accustomed to is not nailed down to only food and consumables, as we’d imagine. Fashion, and how much we consume to create our ‘look’ (which these days isn’t original enough to warrant the effort anyway) , is a key player in the waste, landfill and industrial damages to our environment.

Watch this, and tell me you’re not inspired a bit!

Okay, so as much as I admire Ms Westwood, I will not be going to a club wrapped in a bath towel anytime soon… but you get my drift now?

The commitment  I made to (mostly) purchasing clothing that is recycled, (op-shops, ebay, vintage) I have stuck to for about 3 years. It began around  the time I returned from Cuba with a fresh revolt for Capitalism. However, as committed to the idea as I was, somewhere along the line I added to that list. I started allowing myself to purchase items if they were ‘on sale’…Justifying my whimsical purchases. Suggesting that by not paying full retail price meant  I was not actually ‘ bowing down’ to consumerist ideals of fashion retail giants. Those giants that make millions$$ everyday from exploiting young girls’ fantasies of being adored. Those giants that charge exorbitant amounts for a piece of cloth, usually synthetic, not even designed by a human being,  mass produced and served to us like angel dust that will give us wings.

I’d hypothesised that by only paying 70% of the price that these retail giants were asking, my conscience was clear. ha ha!

Anyway, even if my self-righteous hypothesis was acceptable, the simple fact still stands. I have way too many clothes that i don’t need.

This is the problem. This is consumerism. This is what gets me down.

So, my friends, I am hereby making a mission for myself not to buy a single piece of clothing for one whole month, with a view to extinguishing my habit completely.

To achieve this I’ll need to exercise my will…I am going to walk into shopping centres, regularly. I will frequent designer stores, departments stores, chain stores, all of them… I will walk in, I will look, admire and I will walk out. I will not buy, I will not buy into it. I will just admire and move on with my life.

I can do it!

Meanwhile, I am selling off those little darlings I have coveted in the past, I am cleaning out the ‘drobe. I intend to minimalise my style.

I will not give up on my style, my love of accessorising, my joy of wearing lovely clothes or dressing to express myself.  I am just going to stop the buying.

It is possible. It is necessary, and I will stop.

I said it, today.