i don’t believe it’s stuff and nonsense…

It is day 4 of my first mission.

I am succeeding. I know it does not sound as though four days without buying clothes is all that difficult, but please let it be noted,

I have gone an entire weekend.. A weekend that included a Girls Night Out.  No new outfits, nor accessories. This is big.

I have also realised, within this month, I am to attend a wedding of one of my closest friends. Bad planning? Or fate?! ..as this happens to be a wedding for which I have nothing to wear…


Nothing to wear, what a lie!! More specifically, I have not purchased anything to wear for the occasion. This will be a huge test of will (and creativity). The truth is I have plenty in my wardrobe to cater for such an occasion. I will just have to be satisfied with wearing something that I have perhaps worn before. SHocK HorrOR!!

So, stay tuned, as I will be sifting through my dusty threads, and I intend to rustle up an outfit. An outfit that I’ll be proud of donning on the day. Rain or shine, I’ll be dressed  in pre-loved garb ..of my own.


In the fear that somedays I may feel my plight to stop ‘collecting’ and ‘consuming’ is in vain, I have posted below, an inspirational short film :The Story of Stuff.

It will act as a reminder to myself that what I am trying to do, within my own time , blog space and small life, will produce a positive outcome for the bigger picture…not only for my soul but for the good of our self-sustaining future.


Also, while you’re in the zone, have a look at what the Centre For Sustainable Fashion is doing, based at The London School of Fashion… Well fashionable !


…dress green!

Be inspired, be happy, and dress to kill…kill the habit.

{my next mission to launch soon…quince upon a time…}