stop me! write this minute!

Just like when Morrissey penned, all those years ago,

sweetness,sweetness, i was only joking when i said i’d like to

smash every tooth in your head…

I have these days.

Quite often.

Those days when you just wished you had never opened your mouth. Wish you had never even entertained the thought of opening your mouth. Hoping those words you let go of would grow long, spindly legs and run swiftly back to your side and up into your oesophagus and close the gate behind them. Apparently it wasn’t bad enough to have those kinds of days; the days dealing with wayward voice fairies. I now have to watch my finger and thumb fairies. Those cheeky critters that have access to my keyboards and phone face…And it’s not only my direct textual-connection with friends and family that is needing to be chaperoned, I also have extensive access to digital media. Holy Crap! Who trusted us mere mortals with this kind of extreme freedom of expression?!

Who in their right mind is allowing ol’ ‘BigMouth’ here, the forum to spill her guts?

I can say what I want, when I want to say it, and (in most cases) to whom I please.

No, this is not a new development. There is an entire generation that knows no other way of surviving in a social climate, than by having readily available access to a public voice.

The problem is, within this privilege lies a responsibility. This is a personal responsibility, to censor yourself. Or be doomed.

This is my problem.

I have no ‘off-switch’ when it comes to technological conversation. I have no ‘should you really send this?’ gene.

I see no human, I hear no human, I feel no reason to hold back. Nor do I see any direct consequence of my rant. I will send my information (opinion/feelings) onward and be done with it.

“Oh Help!”

It’s gone, it’s out there, in dots and strokes, soaring  across the conscious stream, ready to slap someone in the proverbial. There is no holding it back. There is no bungy cord, or safety belt. You just gave it away.

The only thing left to do now, naturally, is follow it up. Follow it up with an apology, or an explanation as to why you felt the need to rant. Now that’s gone, that’s out there. But damn, it wasn’t worded right. Or you said too much. A ‘paper chase’ has begun, and you are at the helm. Spitting and spraying digital diarrhoea all over the interweb ! What have you done? You twit.

So, was that as uncomfortable for you to read as it was for me to recall? If it was then you have experienced the same digital tantrums as I, and you will benefit from my next mission.

mission: to stop writing shit that you can’t take back   to draft, and file all emotionally charged digital messages

( for at least an hour)