mission completed: thread-bare month.

Another mission has been completed.

I have lasted an entire month of dreary, colourless, wintery days –and nights (yes, sadly, eBay and Etsy have been known to be my pillow-pals as I drift off to sleep)…

The emperor can keep his new clothes!

I starved myself of the thrill of the shop, the post-purchase-high, the power of consumer-glam. I have gone without my daily fix of bidding, buying, and ‘ship-to’s; my weekly bank-drain of department store trawling. My stealthy relationship with local op-shop volunteer has deteriorated… I have been spared by the retail gods. I am no longer a coveter of threads!

The facts:

I have bought no piece of clothing (that can be hung on a hanger) in a calendar month.

I have sold 3 items of my idle wardrobe on eBay.

I have revived many pieces of my ‘current stock’ and made use of my accessories, to fill the new-thread-void.

I have been to ‘checkout’ online, without climax, an average of twice a week.

I  bought one pair of socks and 2 counts of hosiery within the month.

So, what do you think, am I cured? … Need I worry about my condition any more? …Have I exerted my will so diligently that i have etched a new mould for my shopping shadow?

Hmmm…. well, for the record, I don’t think I’m cured. I am definitely still a carrier of the disease. It may lay dormant, but it still be there in my bloodstream. It pumps through my veins, and I am certain for the duration of my visitation on this planet, it shall.

Hang on there skeptics, I may not be cured, but don’t despair…do you remember what we were actually  talking about here?  My will! And how I have ,or have not, control over it. Turns out  that I most positively do! I was not trying to change myself, I was trying to change a habit. I was seeking to control my vice. And I did.

My journey to ‘I did it’ has had one more mile clocked.

The past month has been a fairly big test for me. Whether you are a fellow wardrobe-feeder or not, most of us have a cross to bare. Therefore I am sure you can all relate to the commitment involved. The painful passage of weening yourself off something that has become part your daily life.

It was not easy….at first.

But believe me, it got easier! In fact the thrill of not buying almost surpassed the thrill I got from buying…and as the days passed, and I was able to acknowledge my small success, I was brimming with self-confidence. Free of consumer guilt. Time on my mind for other desires, and space in spending for other hobbies. It was not so bad. The will gave me a way in the end.

So, you are all dying to know what I bought on the 4th of September, aren’t you? Well, it won’t hurt you to wait, as my virgin purchase is in the post…when it arrives on my doorstep, and I maybe realise I don’t need it as much as I thought I did…when I have come down from that potent high of receiving goods and find a place to hang my prize… I shall reveal what my coveting ways clawed at, fresh out of fasting.

But for now, just know that It felt good…not the consume itself; but the conceit… that I did it.