in and out.

I’m climbing my way through the afternoon, with a fog inside my skull.

No matter what I have decided to do today, it has not worked. The coffee I brewed was left on the stove too long. Burnt. The shower I had, ran out of hot water too soon. Half washed hair. The bills I started paying… soon turned into online shopping. Broke.

I have reconciled however, and am not upset at what I am not achieving (double negatives are my new favourite thing by the way)

I am just wondering, are you being a quitter on these days if you decide trying is not going to get you anywhere? Or are you actually being smart, and exercising foresight in a productive way?

I have decided the latter is a more appropriate conclusion. And with that I am taking timeout, allowing myself the space to breath. I’m istening to The Cure (well I’m halfway there, may as well top it off), I’m wearing my comfy jeans, I am having a cup of tea, and I am ready for nothing other than breathing.

So, when I’m done breathing- not actual death, more specifically when I’m done with ‘only breathing’– I will have another crack at that coffee, fix my hair, pay my bills, and go do something for the greater community.

But, for now, it is just what it is.

In and Out.

The Cure (live)