the last of the gang…

Today was that day. I love that day.

You know, that day where you get spun back into the game.

After a futile 72 hours of deep chair-sinking, voice-muffling, and shadow-boxing ridiculous thoughts, I was beginning to worry my mojo was never coming back. There was no tangible reason for my melancholy. It just swung through the door on tuesday and sat heavy on my damn lap, like a dribbly old cat.

Two long days I tried to fend off the forlorn feline. It was not like I couldn’t see the light, I knew it would pass, but I was panicking slightly as I had no more gloom in me. I was worried from which well I was going to fetch my next pale of woe.

“I am happy..What’s with this slump?”

Driving to work this morning, I found that Breakfast Radio did not have me cursing into the dewy road ahead.. This was when I realised it was that day. As this that day flew by, one good thing after another fell in my empty (cat-less) lap. They weren’t great things happening to me all over the place, just good things, nicer-than-yesterday-things.

There is nothing better than a little low to make the mid-range high’s feel like gifts from above. This is what happens on that day.

So now I want to speak of one of the gifts that came on this day…

To do that, I will need to back you up…with some basics… stay with me…

For as long as I remember I have loved words. Anyone who writes will say the same. I love the way they look, the way they sound, sometimes I care for their meanings, mostly I just like their figures. I also love music. Like really love..The kind of dreamy, winky, pinch on the bum, passionate throws in the middle-of the night, feeling me up the dance-floor, “i’d die if I never see you again” -love.

…still with me I hope?

So…one day in the early nineties my two great loves, words and music, came to me in a package I had never imagined. They were thrust together, between my ears, like the big bang…and I was created! My slightly sticking out teenage ears took a maiden voyage into a foreign place, a sea of eloquent words and sweet melody. Layer upon layer of jangly guitar- enveloping a voice…saying some words… words that made you feel awkward …and sad…and connected, and wonderfully wiser than everybody else…and made you laugh.

Who is this that has woken me up, and made me feel clever and bouncy when i should be feeling somber and grey.

My ears anchored. This day was a that day. (this may have actually been the first that day) And, on this that day, my ears and their soul, met their mate…they had met a man named Morrissey.

Many have come and gone throughout the years, since that day. Many a song, many a man, many a band. My love of music stays strong, and the power of it still holds me up straight in my slinkiest of moments. But never has a single source of my two great loves come anywhere close to stimulating me the way that Morrissey does.

And… I have never been to a Morrissey show! I have never experienced him live. Can you believe it?

I have just about checked off my bucket list of all the must-see acts in my life. I have been privileged to gig-hop through my twenties and thirties. My memory draped in a crumpled chain of ticket stubs, pressed with the names of all my favourite musicians. Jeff Buckley, The Pixies, Radiohead, The Police, The Beastie Boys, Rufus Wainwright, Bob Dylan, Blur… All the musicians that started something for me.. they’re all on the chain now…but one name is missing from that chain. One name that could have a chain of his own… That man, Morrissey. The last of the gang.

Bringing you back to today, this day…the ‘that day’…

So today, on the radio, in my lap, it was announced. The tour. Morrissey is coming, again. All of my friends have seen him. My sister has seen him twice. It’s not a big deal. He is not even that good live anymore anyway… I will probably be disappointed.

But no more disappointed than i will be if I never experience this man’s essence in my face >gross< _not like that! –the man is asexual, not even sure he has that kind of essence. But seriously, I must get these tickets.

So as I skip through my weekend, with glee on my toes and the dribbly old melancholic cat trailing far behind me, I wait for the minute that  those Morrissey tickets go on sale.. and pray that it lands on another that day. Because today, on this day, I have a new mission…

my mission: to get Morrissey tickets!!