don’t hold your breath…but i did say we’d dive.

About 18months ago I quit something…

In leui of the thing that I quit a good friend of mine suggested I do something I had always wanted  -assuring the thing I quit was not in vain.

I dove deep into my head and swam around my wants; fishing for the perfect want to tackle. It took about 24 hours to filter through the dusty aspiration memos that had littered  my brain’s ‘to do file‘. This file was so inflated it was hard to recognise; an unfortunate outcome of many, many years storing ideas and so little time spent notioning said ideas.

Once the swollen ‘file’ was located and penetrated;  after a heady handling period and a few solid hours of shut-eye; an idea ejaculated with triumph all over my conscious self.

I will learn to scuba dive!

Why the hell not? I am a water baby. I was born for it!

Swimming, sailing, paddling, dipping; these all come more naturally to me than walking or talking. I learnt to swim before I learnt to ride a bike… I was sailing my family a catamaran, solo, as a wiry seven year-old before I had my pen-license… As a ten year-old I would pride myself on the fact that I could swim one-and-a-half lengths of a 25metre swimming pool (thats 37.5metres) under-water in one breath… And some would say I could even talk under water…I thought myself somewhat of a fish. But, I was a fish that came up for air.

The thought of breathing under-water, like a fish, is intensely terrifying to me.

This present terror inspired the idea even more.

You see 18 months ago I was searching for a challenge. Although the journey to exercise my will had not yet begun, I think even back then the first incarnations of ‘The journey of i did it’ were sprouting. Also I had a desire to overcome a fear, in order to restore the balance within myself that had been tipped by the thing that I had just quit. *clunk*

I needed to regain some confidence in myself. By overcoming a challenge I would do just that.

Okay so I had manifested the idea. Now to research the possibilities.

Money was the next ejaculation of concepts to grip my consciousness.

Scuba Diving is not a bohemian past-time, and I live on a bohemian budget.

Sleep on it?     Slept on it.

Next morning; email from ‘Scoopon’. Like a gift from the gods, there it was: “Open Water Dive Certificate -$150 (save $645)”

**Ah bless you Scoopon, and all other ‘deal’ based businesses, that are quite purely there to aid us in realising the things in life we really want and that selflessly help us reach those goals/things/opportunities/rubbish pillows/cheap spray tans…

Purchase?       Purchased.

This was all happening so fast and so easy.

It became apparent to me I had discovered a fate. So soon after seemingly drowning in a sea of wrong decisions,  I was finally swimming in the right stream… The  next step naturally was to pull a loved one up-stream with me. After a few slippery-Saturday-afternoon beverages I accosted the friend that gave me the initial idea to ‘do something i had always wanted to do’… I proposed that she buy a voucher and we do it together…

Like the adventurous and reliable partner-in-crime she had always proven to be, she did.

That was 17 months ago.

In one month the voucher will expire.

While scuttling through my ‘Journey of I did it‘, things like this were bound to re-surface. The treasure chest of procrastination gold, Relics from the ‘Lost City of Haven’t Done’, were always going to exhume.

But by hell or high-water I am not going to let these things sink back down to the bottom of my ocean of regret!

Tomorrow we will begin our course and by Friday I will be Internationally accredited and carry a license for Open Water Diving of up to 18metres below the surface.

mission: to breath under water