5 low songs for those low times.


Music is often, almost always, the thing i turn to when i am feeling low, or lonely, or eager to express/impress; all those times when i can’t manage to get my head around anything i am feeling or wanting to feel.

So here is a list of 5 songs with the word ‘low‘ in the title, that i recommend you listen to (in order) and that when listened to (in order, loud, preferably in an inner-ear device) can transform your low into a high, or in the very least, an ‘even’.

  1. This Is A Low– Blur
  2. Too Low For Zero– Elton John 
  3. Low- Cracker 
  4. LowdownBoz Scaggs 
  5. LowriderWar 
 Get down, get down real low, then get up again!