Lena Dunham does alright.


I don’t care what anyone says – Lena Dunham’s body should not offend.

Recently while getting my daily instagram fix – my image binge – I came across a beautiful photo of Gen-Y trojan Lena Dunham, in her undies. Not an unusual thing to spot on the internet, the girl likes to put it out there.

This particular photo was gorgeous, the intellectual beauty donning a pair of high-waisted, leopard print underpants with a hot pink, cropped knit sweater. She was made up perfectly and the pose was elegant. A photo any girl would be proud to showoff.

Stupidly I happened upon reading a few of the comments posted in response to this. While in the most part it was a barrage of ‘go girl’s and ‘i love you lena’s, snuck in between were some of the most disgraceful, useless insults. Mainly from men, but a few from girls – I won’t say women, because clearly they are not fully matured females.

The insults were in the vain of ‘you’re disgusting, put some clothes on’, ‘how can you show that body off?’ and one guy even called her a “slob“.


Now, I understand this girl is kind of asking for it, posting such intimate photos of herself for all the world to see – any form of self-expression runs the risk of critique. The thing is, I couldn’t help feeling that there was still a consensus that she perhaps should put it away. But why?

I also follow Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge on instagram, and more than twice daily these two beauties post graphic and intimate photos of themselves in their underwear. Sure, they are supermodels, but nobody tells them to put their clothes on.

Lena is a writer. She is an artist. She has created a successful, hit television show which she cast herself in. The other 3 main characters of the show are drop-dead gorgeous – and arguably, better looking than Dunham. Dunham has cast these beautiful women alongside herself. Her character Hannah is not intimidated by their beauty, because she is happy with her looks and who she is.


Dunham, when she is fully polished, is an absolute stunner. And, much like the rest of us, when she is not made-up and styled she falls in the category of fairly average. Her character in Girls, despite being surrounded by the beauty of her co-stars, is aesthetically played down. Now, don’t forget, Lena calls the shots. She has the ability to portray Hannah Horvath in whichever way she chooses – if she wanted to wear makeup and pretty dresses in every episode, or tone up her body or create better angles, she could. But she doesn’t. This is the whole point.

Lena gets it. She gets that we are not all glamourous. And she flaunts her artistic right to explore this concept. And as ‘gross’ as it may be to some people, (and quite frankly, I can list about a thousand grosser things I see on television) she cast herself in an awkward and gutsy role, and exploits her body rolls and all, as part of this self-expression. And this is why we girls watch the show. Because Hannah is the sum of us. Inside every beautiful girl is an awkward moment, and inside every awkward body is a beautiful girl.

I don’t love seeing girls with their clothes off all over the small screen, it’s not to my taste – but if I am going to see it, dammit make it interesting! And Lena Dunham is nothing short of interesting. God bless her. And on a totally superficial level, it is refreshing to be able look up to an entertaining, creative, provocative and educated woman that does not make me feel bad about my own lumps and wobbles.

Lena, you go girl. Be naked. I’m right behind you (and not in a pervy way).



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