Le Humpday Hunk – Alain Delon

Alain Delon


French-born fifties film star, Alain Delon, was a rebel without a pause. After being expelled from several boarding schools he joined the military, and in his four years of service, Delon was imprisoned for a total of 11 months on account of being ‘undisciplined’.

Loves me a beautiful bad boy!

The chiseled charmer returned to France after being discharged from the military and found work as a waiter, secretary and hotel porter before being discovered in Cannes, while accompanying an actress friend to the film festival. He rose quickly to stardom and went on to be one of the most popular actors of the fifties and sixties.


Fans of seminal indie band The Smiths may recognise him from the sleeve of the phenomenal 1986 record The Queen Is Dead, it seems young Morrissey appreciated a little French cuisine – one ‘dish’ in particular!

Alain cuts a fine form. A rebellious dreamboat with piercing eyes and a faraway stare, he was often referred to as the male Brigitte Bardot. And he also looks great with a beard (sensing a Hunkday theme here!)

Je t’aime Alain. Happy Hunkday peeps.