Humpday Hunk – Goodness Grace-ious, what beauty.

Jeff Buckley.


So, ‘hunk’ may seem a totally inappropriate way to describe this angelic artist, but you see the Humpday Hunk is not just about sexy six-packs and button-popping chests, it is more about the essence of a man – and Jeff Buckley is oozing essence!

Dear to my heart.


An incredible craftsman and harmonic harlot, Jeff Buckley was a musical creature beyond any of our worlds. I had the fortune of seeing him perform twice in the late nineties, and ‘hunk’ may not have been the word on my lips back then, but after one blistering set of his majestic musicality, boy! –my adolescent buttons did pop!


To my knowledge, there are no photos getting about of a bearded Buckley (sad face) but here’s one of him eating a banana which should suffice…


Mister Buckley was more than just a pretty face, respect… and if you have never heard his music before (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!) – grab a copy of Grace, a glass of red, close your eyes and you’ll see the beauty – Hallelujah!