Quite Franco-ly age isn’t an issue… Humpday Hunk aka Thirsty Thursday.





James Franco.


Poor James Franco is caught up in a bit of controversy at the moment.

The super-social media active celeb has been twisting some IRL societal faux pas in his cyber-reality, indulging in innuendo and insta-flirting with a lass almost half his age. The result, a social media spinout that bubbled over into the mainstream, causing great embarrassment to handsome James (or possibly a win for his seemingly off-centre public relations team!)

(Incase you hadn’t heard, read a witty account of it here…)

One of the players in this double-edged flirt-fest was the young girl’s boyfriend, who got his own back by posting an amusing(?) meme – aimed Franco’s childish persuasion – on the drama’s home-ground, Instagram.







Perhaps it was all a publicity stunt, perhaps a momentary lapse of judgement or perhaps just a little harmless digi-flirting gone wrong. Whatever the case, it got me thinking…Here I am watching an episode of Freak and Geeks, a *thirty-something woman, frothing and fantasising over a teenage boy (Franco). What’s the diff?







So I decided to dedicate this belated Humpday Hunk post – renamed Thirsty Thursday – in his honour…the young James Franco.

Call me controversial. Call me ‘thirsty for underage ones’, but it is what it is.

I am a Franco-phile, there is no doubt about it. Enjoy!!



Enjoy this little