Humpday Hunk: RDJ, Hollywood Hunk(b)rat






Robert Downey Jr


Hollywood bad boy, Robert Downey Jr has been melting hearts and melting down since the 80s…

He has a shady past and a reputation for being a brat, but just quietly that’s half his appeal, isn’t it?


Since appearing in 80s classics Weird Science and Less Than Zero (seriously, if you haven’t seen that film, you haven’t peaked as an angsty teen, go back and start again), this Manhatten native has been in and out of our lives sporadically, always keeping us wondering if he is going to make it out of his next hiatus alive.


And he always manages to fly back in doing something even cooler.


His short stature for a hunk ( 1.76m) is made up for in his high quiffs and attitude. Robert Downey may be a junior hunk, but he takes seniority of my hip radar!

And he wasn’t only a hunk in the 80s…he remains a suave, sexed-up brat today.

And, call the Hunk Police –>> he can sing!! (like Sting!!) Check this out.




So he seems to be always smoking…? Perhaps he shouldn’t put that on his Tinder profile…but maybe if he had a photo of himself with his top off, or with a big cat…?


Whatya know..

Saturday Night Live


He makes great films, he has preserved his swag, he’s besties with SJP, he sings with Sting…you don’t have to be no Sherlock Holmes to realise Robert Downey is a super cool and mega saucy hunk. Riiiiight?!


All hail RDJ, Happy Hunkday


Sarah Jessica Parker with Robert Downey Jr.