Ben, a long time coming…Dahlhaus is a gift from the gods: Happy Hunkday

It has been a while since we hunked, so today I thought I would make up for it by bringing you a hunk of holy proportions.

Come on in to our humble humpday…

Ben Dahlhaus

I first laid eyes on this guy under a week ago. He popped up on my Face-feed and I was like “Jesus Christ, what a hunk!”



Yes it is true, Benny-boy looks like the big guy himself in this photo – which kind of turned me on and creeped me out all at once. Despite the Jesus Christ Pose, there was something about him that gave me the fuzz.

So I did some investigating of theosophical proportions, turned to the holy scriptures of Google and said a prayer to the gods that he was not a ‘church of hunk’ myth.

Turns out he is flesh and blood and 100% hunk-able.







Ben Dahlhaus is a model, but god only knows where from .

He appeared on Google searches as mainly images. Since being featured on Buzzfeed and Elite Daily last week, this bewitching beauty has gone viral, but he is so fresh on the pages that there is very little info to go with his him-spo.



Viral-ity and virility are two things we can piece together from the images of this hipsters’ wet-dream, but I can’t help but wonder that perhaps this divine specimen has been created by the faith of women the world over – as an icon for male beauty – and like Jesus himself, is but a figure of faith alone?!




Does this hunk really exist, in real time? Who bloody cares!!

We salute you Ben Dahlhaus, our Humpday hunk,  Happy Hunkday!!