…not your average Jon – Hola! Humpday Hunk.



Jon Kortajarena

I have tried for so long to keep these posts from becoming a foundation-less perve page and an objectification of attractive males. However, through the popularity of last week’s post (as well as my own sheer laziness), I decided to take another dip into the oh-so-shallow pool of male models (quite a visual I know) and plucked out this guy.




A saucy specimen.

29 year old Spaniard, Jon Kortajarena, came onto my radar when I spotted him in the 2009 film starring Colin Firth, The Single Man – playing a flash-in-the-pan love interest of Firth’s. From the moment he sashayed onto the screen there was certainly a flash in my pan. Quite the picante, Jon dazzled me with his James Dean-esque appearance.

He is hunky enough to turn my saucy-scale into a red hot salsa-fest!



The Single Man was in fact a directorial debut from fashion powerhouse Tom Ford, as well as Kortajarena’s screen  debut, however Tom Ford had a long time been a part of Jon’s fashion direction.

Now, I don’t want to get too heavy into the model-jive as I have resolved that this post is gratuitously about the Spaniard’s looks, so let’s have another look…



And for all you Humpday Hunk trainspotters, here is one for Jon’s Tinder profile –not one, not two, but three Tigers!


Okay, enough of the cheap cat vs man pics, let us just appreciate the heat this guy puts out and warm our winter souls with some more Spanish mojo. Caliente!




Okay, okay, this has been ridiculously pervy, I’m sorry to cheapen your Humpday, but it is cold and I have no other excuse.

All hail the hunk – and thank you Jon,  my temperature is rising.

Happy Hunkday!