Hot-shot Harry, a regal Hunk…

Last week I suffered from a terrible tummy bug. It was a nightmare – the nausea was excruciating. Why am I telling you this? Because everybody knows that the best cure for nausea is a little ginger…

Happy Hunkday, today I bring you an ode to my current favourite ginger; the honourable Prince Harry.



Prince Harry attends the "Stories of Hope" exhibition



Okay, so it took me a few years to warm up to this spicy red, the kid was ‘just a kid’ for so long, but then one day the little prince became a man. His party-loving, bed-hopping, beard-growing ways had the fresh prince show up on my radar… and that’s how the west was won by this cool Captain.

Check him out as Captain Harry Wales, he certainly wouldn’t need to use brute force with me.






There aint too much more to say about Hazza, because I am not a royalist and don’t care too much about his extra-curricular activities. His aesthetic profile is what we are celebrating here; tall, cheeky, gap-toothed, well fit and slightly thuggish – the red hot royal has definite hunk appeal.














Are you convinced? Do you want to marry Harry??

Not quite? Ummmm, here’s a photo of him with a puppy.






Wills and Kate may currently be the most celebrated Royals, what with another baby on the way, but for me when someone mentions ‘Royal Babe’ there is only one face that comes to mind. So today let’s say God Save The Queen, for in several hundred years of royal breeding, they have managed to produced at least one decent stag.

Hail to Prince Harry, our Humpday Hunk.