Lena Dunham does alright.

I don’t care what anyone says – Lena Dunham’s body should not offend. Recently while getting my daily instagram fix – my image binge – I came across a beautiful photo of Gen-Y… Continue reading

The ultimate selfie…

What does a person with self-doubt look like? Have you ever been confronted with a question, a very simple question that you are more than qualified to answer – yet you struggled internally,… Continue reading

Quit buggin’, just listen to some nice music…

I had the fortune of being introduced early to a young Northern folk singer by the name of Jake Bugg. My sister paid five pounds to see him perform in his hometown in… Continue reading

Spring Alert: Avoid the Picnic Purge.

Spring Alert: Avoid the Picnic Purge. A little post I wrote for the CAE Blog, following an horrific 24 hour food poisoning episode.

a healthy interpretation.

We all have those comments that stick in our minds for longer than necessary. The obvious ones are the highly negative, or highly positive comments from loved ones, the comments that grow legs… Continue reading

just find everything’s place. sorted. thanks tupperware.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the western world that hasn’t heard of Tupperware. And of those that have heard of Tupperware, 99% of us have come across a piece of… Continue reading

got to chill on de vices…

I can’t remember my very first phone call. Can’t recall the first time the clangy bell rang through the hallways of my house, in a tone that was sounded specifically for me. I… Continue reading

shit happens, then you get back on the horse.

The last time you heard from me I was riding along gently enjoying my life – breathing in the fresh air, smiling at strangers, tipping rude waitresses, being thankful for traffic lights because… Continue reading

5 low songs for those low times.

Music is often, almost always, the thing i turn to when i am feeling low, or lonely, or eager to express/impress; all those times when i can’t manage to get my head around… Continue reading

washing day

looky looky, my first ever published photo… well sort of… A photo I took in Cuba, was chosen and featured as ‘photo of the day’ on the website of my favourite magazine, Yen.… Continue reading

learning to breathe again –part two…

…so up i went. Glad to be at the surface and alive, I gulped a mouthful of air like it was the most decadent thing I had ever tasted. After the ‘skills practice’… Continue reading

mission completed: learning to breathe again –part one…

I am sure you are all gasping(!) to hear how my last mission went. Well my young-hearted followers, I am proud to say that I am now the holder of an International Open… Continue reading

don’t hold your breath…but i did say we’d dive.

About 18months ago I quit something… In leui of the thing that I quit a good friend of mine suggested I do something I had always wanted  -assuring the thing I quit was… Continue reading

i walk on hope street.

I engaged in a lot of hope the past week. It has been unprecedented and thick between my ears. Hope; the word and the sentiment,  has been dangled cautiously over my fair city since… Continue reading

what we do ingest, is no joke…

Surely I am not the only one that has noticed the current trend in milk products, arrogantly labelling themselves as “permeate free” … I first saw this flag a few months back, on… Continue reading