the last of the gang…

Today was that day. I love that day. You know, that day where you get spun back into the game. After a futile 72 hours of deep chair-sinking, voice-muffling, and shadow-boxing ridiculous thoughts,… Continue reading

in and out.

I’m climbing my way through the afternoon, with a fog inside my skull. No matter what I have decided to do today, it has not worked. The coffee I brewed was left on… Continue reading

mission completed: thread-bare month.

Another mission has been completed. I have lasted an entire month of dreary, colourless, wintery days –and nights (yes, sadly, eBay and Etsy have been known to be my pillow-pals as I drift… Continue reading

get your art out.

making the old new…

Today is the wedding day of one of my oldest friends. It is also day 21 of my mission to de-clutter my wardrobe and eradicate my thread-bearing ways… I am proud to announce… Continue reading

light is harder…

In cooking terms ‘beat until light‘ denotes hard work. Whenever I see this collection of words, sitting stout within an otherwise comforting recipe, I will almost religiously move on. No sir, I do… Continue reading

i will look in laneways…

Creeping through the narrow streets of Melbourne after an evening class, I saw some wonderful things. The dark, frigid winter is not all gloom, there is some light at the end of the… Continue reading

beware: pigeon words; the ones that fly back home.

After I wrote my last post – still reeling from yet another fossilised trail of regretful words that had been spewed out into the cyber realm – I began to think about what (my)… Continue reading

stop me! write this minute!

Just like when Morrissey penned, all those years ago, sweetness,sweetness, i was only joking when i said i’d like to smash every tooth in your head… I have these days. Quite often. Those… Continue reading

mission completed: a paste of victory.

peel, core and coarsley chop 4-5 quinces (approx 1kg) >>>        place in saucepan covering with water (about 1cup), bring to the boil and let simmer for around half an hour… Continue reading

quince upon a time…

Once upon a time, in a land far away  [Elsternwick; 2011] I was given a bag of strange fruit, from the tree of someone’s strange Aunt. I had been eating quince paste with… Continue reading

i don’t believe it’s stuff and nonsense…

It is day 4 of my first mission. I am succeeding. I know it does not sound as though four days without buying clothes is all that difficult, but please let it be… Continue reading

thou shalt not covet anymore threads.

My first mission, is kind of an ongoing project, but it will begin today. I buy clothes. I buy a lot of clothes. I buy and return, I buy and wear, I buy… Continue reading

i said it today, i’ll say it again tomorrow.